Things to Consider When Planning to Have Braces  

Before, having braces on your teeth is something that most people feel embarrassed for. Now, having embraces is something that one must have to ensure a perfectly aligned set of teeth.   

There are many options you can choose from such as filling removal Cypress but whichever you choose, you need to take these things into consideration before you go to the clinic and put braces on your teeth.   

  1. Ensure that all dental works are done before the braces are on – before putting on the braces, you need to secure your mouth and teeth. Cleaning and cavity removal are necessary to ensure that when the braces are on, bacteria would not quicken teeth decay. Moreover, tooth or wisdom tooth extraction may even be necessary to avoid interfering with the orthodontic procedure.   
  1. It is more than just appearance – in some countries, putting on braces has become more of social status rather than a treatment. By this, people are putting them on merely for appearance purposes. The truth is, braces are put on for treatment. This includes teeth alignment, jaw and bite alignment, teeth gap correction, and oral health improvement.   
  1. You will need to adapt a good diet – putting on braces is not without discomfort. Besides the discomfort the procedure would result in, your diet may need to change. And by diet, we mean the kind of food that you eat. You will need to be used to stop eating sticky and gummy food that may stick between your teeth, hard foods, and foods you still need to bite like apples and such.   
  1. If you are an athlete, wear a mouthguard – having braces means you have a sensitive mouth that you need to protect. Because braces hold all of your teeth (if not most), one force and all of your teeth may be damaged. And accidents are prone in sports, so if you are doing sports, make sure that you wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth 
  1. Brush your teeth more than ever – braces can capture bits of food that you eat and this is what makes them difficult to maintain. Before deciding on braces, make sure you have your oral kit with you all the time and make it a habit to brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after you eat something. This is to ensure that there would be no pieces of food left in between the teeth. This will cause cavity build-up. Take note that brushing your teeth may also become more difficult when you have braces on.  
  1. It has pain – discomfort is an understatement. Sometimes, when you have braces on you would feel pain, and this can last up to a few weeks. To avoid suffering from this, make sure to purchase pain relievers over the counter.   
  1. It is a commitment – braces would be put for at least a year (most people would take up to several years for teeth correction). You will need to commit yourself to it.