Effective Hacks to Increase the Attention Span of Your Dogs

Getting and maintaining the attention of your dog successfully during obedience training is the foundation of other work that you’ll be doing together. You should teach your puppy how to concentrate their attention on you during training. As soon as they master this skill, they’ll eventually learn faster. And when they’ll be successful in their training sessions, their self-esteem will increase. As a result, their focus and motivation during their next sessions will further boost. Here are some hacks to increase your dog’s attention span: 

Only Use the Name of Your Dog Positively 

If you’re correcting your dog, make sure not to use their name. Instead, only make positive associations with their names. To do so, prepare a couple of sliced bits of something tasty that they don’t usually get, such as fish jerky, cheese, chicken, and dried liver. 

If your dog is seated and leashed in front of you while they happily focus on the piece of treat that you have in your hands, say his name in an upbeat, happy tone. Similar to all dog training, the key here is treat timing. So, give the treat right away as soon as your dog looks up at you. 

Keep up this happy, positive tone during the training sessions for a couple more repetitions. You mustn’t let your dog be full or bored. Once you can see that they are already restless, bored, or hungry after one hour or more, try to do some repetitions once more.  

Refining and training the “Watch Me” command 

To help your dog learn the “watch me” command, what you need to do is to hold their favorite treat next to your eyes. Then, say your “Cali, watch me!” Once his eyes meet yours, give the treat as a reward immediately. Soon, you can drop his name and use the “watch me” command alone.  

Overcome Distraction 

Try to go to a setting where there are a lot of distractions. It could be going near a school playground, walking in the park, or by lively squirrels. Pick something that you’re definite that can make it more difficult for them to focus on you and pay attention, if they will be successful with overcoming the distractions, make sure to reward hi with carefully-timed praise and treats. Also, make sure to keep the sessions upbeat and short. 

Recompense positive actions 

Instead of just rewarding your dog whenever they follow your commands, you can also reward your dog once you’re happy with their choices and the things they do. When they look up at you and waits for instructions, praise them. When they pick their chew toy over a shoe, praise them. You can make this your game to “spot” your furry friends performing as several positive things as possible throughout the day.  

Giving positive rewards to your dog allows them to know that you’re watching them, you have something to say about how they behave, and you tend to notice more of their good choices more than their mistakes. 

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